Grow Recurring Monthly Revenue

Upgrade Existing Cameras

Statewide Central Station has partnered with Camect as a Certified Reseller to bring you cutting edge solution to help grow your business. Keep your customers happier by upgrading their existing ONVIF cameras to include cutting edge detection software. Attract new customers by offering Camect as the best way to prevent false alerts, improve detection accuracy without replacing their existing cameras. Schedule a DEMO to get started!

Bring It In More Money With Camect

Customer Stickiness

Camect brings instant value to your customer monitoring experience. Upgrade customers with Camect. You will instantly offer the best video security system experience and grow recurring monthly revenue.
Elevate your customer success with Camect.

Alert Fatigue

Camect brings elevated customer satisfaction while reducing customer service burden. Gone are the hours listening to customers complain about the amount of alerts they are getting. Now get only proactive alerts they need.
Empower your team with Camect.

Grow Your Business

Camect brings up your bottom line. By eliminating alert abundance, you team has more time to focus on all other business aspects. Including driving referrals, as happy customers are 57% likely to refer friends.
Energize you business with Camect.

Use Case: Security Dealer RMR


How to get existing customers - who have "always" done it "this way" - to evolve? Especially because the old way is out of date with the times, less secure, operationally inefficient. The "old way" isn't driving meaningful growth to your bottom line.


Bringing Camect as an easy, plug-n-play, cost effective, camera agnostic, solution solved customers biggest complaint. Dealer sales team had new conversations with old customers and were able to have fresh conversions with new leads to grow business.


By adding Camect the Security Dealer was able to grow recurring monthly revenue while decreasing the amount of time spent on customer service issues caused by overactive alerts. More time was able to be spent on attracting new customers to grow.

Camect stands out above and beyond every AI company claiming to be the best, because they are actually the best. Camect is structured to ensure dealers make money money while offering superior product results.
Steven Coppola
Statewide Central Station

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