Camect Security Monitoring

Integrate with Camect · Reduce False Alarms · Streamline Security Operations

Streamline Security Monitoring Operations with Specific Alerts

Real-Time Specific Alerts

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce the need to manually review video feeds and cut costs
  • Achieve quick ROI with Camect integration
  • Customer can also see alerts and help resolve alarms

Integrate Your Security Monitoring Service

Use Camect to eliminate almost all false alerts. Your security operation center benefits from the industry's most accurate alerts – delivered directly to your monitoring software, integrated into the dashboards and reports you already use to streamline your operations

Access camera names, object types (including person, vehicles, animals, or deliveries), alert times, and live video feeds from Camect devices across the globe.

Save critical time by identifying what caused the alarm. Your customers can receive alerts and help resolve or verify alarm scenarios.

If you are a security monitoring service, software provider, or operation center and would like to learn more you can reach us below.

Security Monitoring Dashboard with Camect Alerts Integrated
Security Monitoring Dashboard with Camect Alerts Integrated

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