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Unmatched Alert Quality

Fewer than 1% incorrect detections. Local AI works even when internet is down. Highest ROI in industry.

Video Monitoring

Integrates with Immix, Manitou, Sentinel, and Stages. Learn more here.

Easy to Install

Quick setup, no firewall configuration, and works with any IP camera with Onvif or RTSP.

Designed for Professional Installation

  • Add RMR to your business
  • Automated setup
  • 2nd tier customer support
  • Setup and provision devices
  • Manage fleets of devices
  • Training videos and material
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Provision accounts:

  • Set up user and transfer devices securely
  • Own the customer relationship
  • Manage billing (if desired)

Additional unlocked features:

  • Integrate with monitoring stations
  • Adjust detection sensitivity
  • Additional configuration settings

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The detection rate of your device is out of this world! I can set my clock to it as the Guard patrols at night.
Even in very low light conditions the system was capable of identifying people and vehicles in spite of low-light motion blur.
The feedback is very similar to the other dealers. All are astonished with the analytics and their accuracy.
This security management hub is capable of incorporating IP security cameras from over 50 manufacturers and partnering them with an impressive artificial intelligence that identifies and tracks movement unlike any other motion detecting camera on the market.
Camect has proven itself by producing the most accurate detections and false alarm rejection we have ever seen. Camect is a breakthrough AI product we are keen to partner with.​
AGE CCTV Managing Director​

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