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The detection rate of your device is out of this world! I can set my clock to it as the Guard patrols at night.
" I have never come across a system which has been so easy to setup, configure, hassle free and alerting in next to no time."
The feedback is very similar to the other dealers. All are astonished with the analytics and their accuracy.
This security management hub is capable of incorporating IP security cameras from over 50 manufacturers and partnering them with an impressive artificial intelligence that identifies and tracks movement unlike any other motion detecting camera on the market.
Camect has proven itself by producing the most accurate detections and false alarm rejection we have ever seen. Camect is a breakthrough AI product we are keen to partner with.​
AGE CCTV Managing Director​


With Camect, it looks like I will finally be able to access all these clips locally in one central location.
Even in very low light conditions the system was capable of identifying people and vehicles in spite of low-light motion blur....[Camect] is a very interesting, small intelligent recording devices that does not rely on "Cloud" analysis on storage and with an ease of installation and management
Camect smart security camera hub not only provides reliable local storage for your home security cameras, but also enhances your home monitoring system with AI object detection
The Camect camera hub is a private home security solution for consumers who are seeking to maintain more control over thier living space and keep thier data secure

IP Cam Talk Forum

My home has a very diverse group of cameras, and it found all of them within 40 seconds! (My house is a testbed for future projects) Even in its beta stage, it has been more reliable than my main Blue Iris setup.
... it is hands down the best product I have used to eliminate as they call it "uninteresting" and "suppressed" alerts. The wasps, spiders, rain, wind, tree motion, shadows no longer haunt me in the middle of the night.
Camect Pros:Best camera choices, ONVIF, RTSP, IOT. Best AI, able to differentiate between a squirrel, cat, and dog; Also apparently can differentiate between many other categories and alert/not alert based on object type. Best AI notifications. Set up was pretty straight forward...

Camect User Forum

I have to say your object recognition is one the best I have seen so far, and for that pricing its without alternatives, and I already worked with Briefcam, Anyvision etc.
I have tried several different "person" detect aware systems, RING, WYSE, sighthound, KASA and one other I can't remember now. All of them generated way too many false positives which generally lead to user fatigue and you either ignore alerts or turn them off. They all would trigger on windblown shrubbery or stark changes in lighting caused by clouds, shadows or lights turning on. Camect has none of these false alarms.
I'm so far on the "upside surprise" end it feels almost irrational. Within 48-hours I had pulled the previous box that was acting as my FTP Video collector and pushed the Camect on the shelf to its permanent location...

Indiegogo and Hubitat

This is by far the most successful product that I have purchased for my smart home system. I’m not exaggerating. Almost all IP cameras do not detect people so I often get a lot of false alarms. With Camect my life is much much easier.​
I've got 15 nest cams running through it currently and the person alerts are very accurate so far. Their support through the forum is very responsive at this time too.
I have had my Camcet setup for about a week now. I have to say this is probably one of the best things I’ve backed on a crowdfunding site. The setup was easy. It turned my crappy ~$200 Swann NVR kit we got from Costco into much better system.

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Camect Home Smart Camera Hub

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The Camect Home advanced network video recorder provides 24×7 recording, AI powered smart alerts, and stores camera data securely in your home.

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