Camect believes in purpose-built solutions to solve the security needs that plague organizations. Netwatch adds value to the security industry with proactive video monitoring.  Together, this integration supports our commitment of providing continuous proactive security innovations to best serve the complex needs of our valued customers.”  – Justin Wilmas President, Netwatch North America. Download Brochure

Camect is Your Gateway

The Camect Smart Camera Hub serves as a multi-solution portal to solve costly and complex security business problems. Now integrated with Netwatch

  • Resolve connectivity issues by using Camect as NVR and gateway
  • Smart Camera Hub is compatible with nearly all ONVIF & RTSP cameras
  • Add superior object detection intelligence to existing cameras 
  • End Alert Fatigue by eliminating false alerts & false alert fines
  • Elevate Customer and Employee Satisfaction by focusing only on what truly matters, and eliminating all else

Netwatch is Your Protector

Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring is now fully integrated with the Camect Smart Camera Hub. Working together to provide proactive video monitoring services:

  • Upgraded with superior AI powered detection analytics
  • Easy integration with new or existing cameras – no more “rip & replace”
  • Identify intrusion incidents before they happen
  • Providing live-audio intervention to prevent crime in real time
  • Detect loitering and safely de-escalate incident with live audio warning
    before a crime occurs

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