Joe Buccaran

Regional Sales Manager

Areas of Expertise

• Oil - Gas - Cell Tower Industry
• Construction Industry
• Outdoor Inventory
• Helping Dealer Teams Thrive

The one thing I wish I had more of is time. Which is what I love most about Camect. It saves everyone time. Easy installation, no false alerts, no more changing down overage payments. It's easy to install, affordable and, well, it just works.

The Camect Smart Camera Hub adds superior AI detection to nearly every ONVIF, RTSP camera. This eliminates "rip & replace" while enabling existing security cameras to detect with near 100% accuracy. The cost and time savings are instantly recognizable! No more time wasted on false or useless alerts as Camect filters unwanted alerts and only transmits critical data. Spend more time serving your customers, employees & community with excellence.

Camect is Now Integrated with the Following Professional Video Monitoring Leaders

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