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Elevate command center, central station or individual self- monitoring with Camect. Put an end to alert fatigue, enhance mental health of security agents, start focusing without distraction.  

  • Proactively detect at perimeter breach – before criminal activity happens
  • Eliminate nuisance alerts
  • Prevent customer attrition 
  • Reduce overhead. Artificial eyes are less expensive than human
  • “Camect actually works. We even had the World Cup game on knowing we would not miss an alert because of Camect. My security agent team is happier, sharper and more engaged now that they are not fielding squirrels and bugs.” 


Grow your bottom line by solving your customers #1 complaint:   too many alerts. It’s easy to add Camect detection analytics into your suite of customer offerings and monitoring station software. 

  • Camect is compatible with nearly all ONVIF & RTSP cameras
  • Connect multiple cameras to one hub
  • Easy to integrate with existing monitoring 
  • Edge based, not cloud, for added cyber security
  • “Working directly with the Camect team enabled us to streamline connectivity for easy installation. Our dealer customers and central stations can easily set up Camect unobtrusively, no holes, no wires, no new cameras. Precise results!”

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