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Connecting with Immix is Easy

You talked, we listened! Immix has fortified the integration process so your onboarding experience is fast and simple. The new "Site Link" option from Immix brings you a fully-featured integration enabling expedited set up so you can confidently monitor with efficient excellence using Camect.

Camect is Your Connector

Camect values the partnership with Immix. Both companies are driven to remove barriers from your ability to thrive. The Camect Smart Camera Hub has been proven to return time and money back to your central station by eliminating nearly 100% of all false alerts. This results in higher customer satisfaction, more rewarding work for your agents, and greater profitability.

Camect’s Smart Camera Hub now serves as the connector to “link” sites to Immix, allowing integrators to take advantage of legacy systems without sacrificing functionality.

If you are ready to finally control irrational fluctuating variables, reduce bandwidth consumption and prevent unnecessary alarms from being sent to an operator, this solution is for you! Just think of it as the "easy button" solution for monitoring centers - only from Immix.

Camect Accuracy

Eliminate false alerts with near 100% accuracy. Put an end to wasted time, money and bandwidth. Elevate operational efficiency by eliminating false alerts with Camect.

Rated #1 for accuracy, reliability and price the Camect Smart Camera Hubs elevate existing cameras to because intelligence machines. With Camect your security cameras will ignore and filter common causes of false alarms, such as bugs, cobwebs, shadows, flashes and weather.

About Immix


Immix® CS is a software product that operates in your Central station and consolidates a wide range of different security products into one simple operator interface. Immix® CS is designed to help you deliver new video based services to your customers, build your recurring revenue and complement the investment you have made in your existing automation system. Its proven to increase dramatically the efficiency of central alarm monitoring stations offering next generation video monitoring services.

Camect Streamlines Monitoring Operations

Cut Costs

Reduce the need to manually review video feeds.

Elevate Operational Efficiency

Eliminating false alerts, gives you time back to deal with clogs.

Optimize Customer Satisfaction

Fulfilled employees create stronger customer experiences.

Keep Your Cameras

No need to rip and replace. Camect Smart Camera Hubs work with existing cameras to make them smart and secure. Store and analyze all video locally, at the edge of the network - not in the cloud. This means your system will continue to detect if the internet goes down and won't clog your bandwidth. With local, expandable storage, you control where your data is kept and for how long.

Camect 24

TwentyFour MP

Perfect for SMBs

1TB internal storage
15 watts typical power consumption
Intel 4GB RAM
Up to 24MP processing

Camect 60

Sixty MP

Built for Business

2TB, 4TB or 8TB internal storage
40 watts typical power consumption
Intel 8GB RAM
Up to 60MP processing

Camect 60

NinetySix MP

Support Enterprise

NVR Gateway for Alerts
Assign to Noisiest Cameras
Improve Operational Efficiency
Up to 96MP processing
Only Available in the US

The Rugged

For Extreme Environments

Withstands -20F to 140F Temperatures
Low Power & Bandwidth Consumption
Perfect for Mobile Trailers, Rural, Construction
Up to 24MP processing<br>
Only Available in the US

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