Frequently Asked Questions


What is Camect?
How will it improve my life?
How much does it cost?
What do I need to get started?
What comes in the box?
What is the difference between the gold and the cobalt (blue) Camect Home recorders?
Is there a way for me to experience Camect without buying a Camect Home recorder?

Usage and Features

How long will my recorded video be stored?
What are the benefits of storing video locally?
Isn't cloud storage safer in the event of theft?
Is it easy to view my live and saved video when I'm away from home?
What is a P2P ("Peer to Peer") connection?
Does P2P viewing work everywhere?
I have multiple locations (e.g. my home and my business) to monitor. Can Camect handle this under a single account?


Which types of camera work with Camect?
Is it easy to configure a new camera?
I don't own any cameras. How do I figure out what to buy?
I already have a working camera setup that uses another product. Can I try Camect without affecting my existing system?
Will battery-operated (aka "wireless") cameras work with Camect?


Can anyone else see my video when I view my cameras remotely?
Can anyone else steal my recorded video?
Why do you require that I have a Google account?
When I use my Google account with Camect, what am I allowing Camect to do with my Google account?
Is using Camect safer than using "port forwarding" for remote viewing?
Is using Camect less secure than using a VPN?

Camect Home Recorder

How big is it?
Where does my Camect Home recorder need to be placed?
Does it have a warranty?
Will it work outside the United States?