Critical Infrastructure Threat Detection

Get more out of your existing security cameras with Camect.
Extend perimeters, achieve remote coverage without false alerts, and mitigate risk with proactive detection. Control data at the Edge, not in the cloud.

Extend Perimeters

Go Further, Virtually

Detecting people and possible threats, before they reach the fence, is just one way Camect helps mitigate risks and potentially save lives. Environmental terrorist attacks of sabotage are rising. Early - accurate - detection can lead to prevention.

Experience Smart Alerts

Detect over 30 objects, including people, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and more, while filtering false alerts from bugs, animals and storms. Experience near 100% alert accuracy with Camect.

End False Alerts

Eliminate the costly chaos caused by false alerts.

Object detection achieved by Camect Smart Camera Hubs offers unrivaled alert accuracy. This has been accomplished through years of pre-market AI learning. Unlike other devices the Camect solution knows what an object "is" as well as what it "is not". The result affords our customers more time to make critical decisions using only real data.

Remote Coverage

Edge Analytics

Continuous detection even if the internet goes down. Operate with greater reliability without the cost, risk and insecurity of a cloud.

Lower Operational Costs

Camect uses low bandwidth and low power consumption. Reach remote areas previously out of reach without inflating operational costs.

Darkness, Distance, Storms

Rely on the advanced intelligence of Camect AI to decipher objects even in the most challenging environments.

Monitoring Gateway

Detect and Deter

Get real-time alerts while simultaneously activating behavior deterring signals: Active Talk Down, Sirens, Lights and More

Mitigate Risk

Easily share clips with field teams and or police to expedite behavior intervention or initiate emergency response.

Optimize Efficiency

Camect is integrated with the very best monitoring centers world wide. Self monitoring is also available through the Camect app.

Monitoring Integrations

Camect Smart Camera Hubs

Choose from four unique storage capabilities to analyze all video locally, at the edge of the network - not in the cloud. Keep existing cameras, but make them 'smart'. All Camect Smart Camera Hubs are compatible with ONVIF and RTSP cameras. Easily establish parameters for loitering, distance, area masking and more.

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