Join hundreds of Camect users who are getting more value from their video-security systems, and eliminating false alarms for good.

Real Alert Accuracy

Detect More Objects, More Accurately

With Camect's industry-leading AI, you can detect over 30 kinds of objects, like People, Deliveries, Vehicles and Animals with near 100% accuracy.

Customise Your System

You choose when you receive alerts and for what kinds of object by creating alert rules and providing feedback on the alerts you receive.

Eliminate False Alarms

No More Distractions

False alarms are a big problem, costing businesses time and money, and causing headaches at monitoring centers.

At Camect, we've carefully developed our AI to ignore common causes of false alarms, such as bugs, cobwebs, rain and snow, without reducing AI sensitivity.

Use Any IP Cameras

That's right. No more rip and replace.

Camect works with any cameras that support RTSP or Onvif, so you can connect almost any IP camera to Camect, as well as various consumer-cloud cameras, and bring them all under one app.

Total Data Privacy

Camect was designed with data privacy in mind. Get all the benefits and convenience of cloud-based analytics, without sending your data to the cloud or compromising on your privacy.

100% Local Analytics

Camect stores and analyzes your video locally, without sending it to the cloud.

Secure Remote Access

Easily access your Camect system on the go via secure, VPN-like connections.

End-to-End Encryption

Your video is always encrypted in transit between your Camect hubs and your viewing device.


Access Camect using your preferred third-party cloud account provider.

Easy Enough for Anyone

Smart Alerts

Get the exact alerts you want, delivered on any device via in-app notification, email and instant message.

Fast Video Search

Find the event you're looking for in seconds with event-based history and video search.

Timelapse Replay

See the events of a day in no time with just a click, using our event timelapse replay feature.

Smart Camera Hubs

Europe • Middle East • Africa

camect smart camera hub

Camect 24

Perfect for homes & SMBs

camect 60 smart camera hub

Camect 60

Built for businesses

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