Residential Customers Complaining About Annoying Alerts?

Upgrade To Sanity

Keep customers and gain referrals by eliminating the #1 complaint of residential security system users: annoying alerts.

Easily connect the Camect Smart Camera Hub to the customer network and instantly filter shadows, bugs, rain, animals and other common triggers. Camect systems work with nearly all existing ONVIF and RTSP cameras, which means there is no need to rip and replace!

Customers, or monitoring agents will only see critical alerts. This improves security by ensuring important events do not get buried by false alerts.

See Beyond Home Invasions

Porch Piracy

35 million Americans had packages stolen in 2021. That's $5.4 billion lost to theft.

Elder Care

77% of senior citizens want to stay in their home. 53 million Americans provide care.

Latch Key

Latch key kids are up 200% post pandemic, leaving them vulnerable for longer periods.

Wild Animals

Wild animals pose a continuous threat to people, their pets and their property.

Before Camect our security alerts would go off non stop. Every bug, squirrel, pet motion would trigger it. My wife and I found it so disruptive, yet with my travel schedule, we needed it.

Since getting Camect I feel like we got our life and sanity back. Now we rarely get alerts. So, when we do, we know they are important.
John Doe
Johnson Security Customer

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