Eliminate Useless Activity from Video Security Alerts

The Camect Smart Camera Hub protects outdoor inventory by NOT transmitting useless alerts. With Camect you will see no bugs, no animals, no shadows, no weather. Camect adds superior AI detection to nearly every ONVIF, RTSP camera. This eliminates "rip & replace" while enabling existing security cameras to detect with near 100% accuracy. Spend more time serving your customers, employees & community with excellence and waste no more time on false alerts.

The Camect Smart Camera Hub enables outdoor inventory including mobile security surveillance, construction sites, fleet vehicles, oil rigs, cell towers and agriculture, like cannabis, to be protected. Intel powered AI detects known objects through darkness, distance, shadows and weather. Camect only transmits real event alerts, and never sends alerts about animals or bugs. Privately held on the edge, not pushed to the cloud. Low Wifi use. LEARN MORE...

Camect Helps Your Business Thrive

Eliminate False Alerts

How much money and time is spent on things that don't matter. Like bugs. Eliminate alert fatigue and the fines that often go with them.

Retain Customers + Referrals

Happy customers don't leave. Thrilled customers refer their friends. Keep them by solving their biggest complaint and worry.

Grow Recurring Revenue

The cost of a robbery vs the addition of spot on protection is not even comparable. Never miss a critical alert without being bugged.

Use Case: Cell Towers


New security cameras were not able to accurately decipher between an animal and a person. Alerts were going off all night long. Each one required a human to review and determine if it was a "real event" or a "false alert." That added up. In both time, and money. Customer was not about to get more new cameras. Sustaining alert volume was not cost efficient. Frustration was taking toll on the staff.


Security dealer owner did a demo with Camect. He learned that his existing ONVIF cameras were compliant and could be easily connected to the network. He only needed one Camect Smart Hub to connect four of his cameras. This allowed the site to be monitored with reliable accuracy capable of identifying and ignoring animals and transmit only people within a drawn perimeter at certain times.


His client was thrilled. His employees were happier. The customer continued to self monitor only now he is able to focus on other concerns to grow his business. Same for the security dealer. No longer suffering through useless data he can attend to backlog, get new hires trained and get some sleep. The additional monthly revenue from Camect doubles itself by also eliminating fines.

The Camect Smart Camera Hub has transformed my business. I make more money. I lose less time. My employees and customers are happier. This simple device eliminated many problems.
P. Smithenson
Security Dealer

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