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Proaction Detection

Meraki cameras are now integrated with Camect the industry leader in accurate security detection analytics..

Add Camect

In just a few clicks you can be up and running with Camect on your Meraki camera.

Over 99% Accurate

False alarms are a big problem, costing businesses time and money, and causing headaches at monitoring centers.

At Camect, we've carefully developed our AI to ignore and filter common causes of false alarms, such as bugs, cobwebs, rain and snow, without reducing AI sensitivity or accuracy.

About Meraki + Camect


Camect has the most reliable, accurate analytics in the industry.


With advanced analytics and built-in security, MV cameras are designed to meet the needs of tomorrow, today.


Save money and time by eliminating false alerts, filtering out useless, time wasting alerts. Elevate efficiency, improve customer satisfaction while creating a more rewarding user experience for all.

Your World, Better.


Cisco Meraki allows you to configure security for Internet-connected devices, routers, switches, firewalls and WiFi networks your company uses through an internet-connected browser. It provides a convenient and efficient way of configuring your organisation's entire network.


With Camect Smart Camera Hub the Cisco Meraki camera becomes the most accurate, powerful security camera solution. Depend on near 100% detection accuracy even in darkness, at long distances, in rain, sleet or snow.

Backend Integrations and Growing

Why Camect

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Camect 24

Perfect for SMBs

1TB internal storage
15 watts typical power consumption
Intel 4GB RAM
Up to 24MP processing

The Rugged

Built for Extreme Conditions

2TB, 4TB or 8TB internal storage
40 watts typical power consumption
Intel 8GB RAM
Up to 24MP processing

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