Agents Suffering From Alert Fatigue?

Raise Employee Engagement

Central stations thrive when agents can focus on what matters.
The superior AI found in all Camect Smart Camera Hubs enables existing security cameras to see past webs, bugs, rain, dirt and even shadows. Critical events are captured with near 100% accuracy, eliminating alert fatigue, false alarms and fines. This affordable device is easy to install into the network of nearly all ONVIF and RTSP compliant video cameras. Run your central station with efficiency, financial stability and security agent pride. Add Camect as your #1 solution for alert & analytics accuracy.

Bring It In With Camect

Customer Stickiness

Camect brings instant value to your customer monitoring experience. Upgrade them to Camect so they can experience a world without pointless interruptions from their security system.
Elevate your customer success with Camect.

Alert Fatigue

Camect brings elevated job satisfaction to monitoring agents. Gone are the hours watching useless data. With Camect critical events are detected in real time, before a crime has happened.
Empower your team with Camect.

Grow Your Business

Camect brings up your bottom line. By eliminating alert abundance, you team has more time to focus on all other business aspects. Including driving referrals, as happy customers are 57% likely to refer friends.
Energize you business with Camect.

Use Case: Security Dealer Satisfaction


A midwest central station was plagued with the classic problem: how to get existing customers - who have "always" done it "this way" - to evolve? Especially because the old way is out of date with the times, less secure, operationally inefficient and wasn't driving meaningful growth to their bottom line. Not only that, how could they attract new customers without having a new offer or new special to bring attention to their central station?


By bringing Camect as a new, cost effective, camera agnostic, solution to not only the customers biggest problems, but the monitoring team as well, the business became energized from with in. Monitoring agents experienced more rewarding work as they spent less time zoning out on pointless data and more time actually helping customers prevent crimes. Sales team had new conversations with old customers to bring them current without having to change their existing security set up.


With in 60 days the central station experienced more customer referrals than period prior. They were able to spend less time fielding frustrated customer calls and allocate more time to bringing a solution for alert abundance forward. Within a full quarter the entire culture of the central station had shifted from a place of reactive frustration to proactive solutions.

Camect has changed how we do business. We are able to service more customers, retain and grow our customer base all because of their reliable, affordable, money making analytics.
Mary Borge
Central Station GM

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