An almost unbelievable crime was #CaughtOnCamect. A rodent descends from the ceiling to steal a diamond necklace.

Time or Money?

This is why Camect is fiercely protective of your time. We loathe false alerts to our core. Simply because they are thieves of time. False alerts erode focus. Invisibility stealing time from you, your business, your family time. Your dreams.

Watch Out: This, you cannot do

Is it possible relax and enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day, if you are worried? Nope. What if there was a solution that could prevent your biggest fear?

Watch Out: Who Has the Power?

Many of these sites remain unstaffed by live guards and are protected by little more than a chain-link fence and security camera.

Watch Out: No One Saw?

The attack on Paul Pelosi was preventable. And that makes us, and likely most people who hear about it, so mad. It didn't have to happen to them, or the thousands of victims each day who experience senseless violence.

Watch Out: #HomeSafety

With school back in session and the majority of companies issuing mandatory return to work orders, there are over 7.7 million reasons to be concerned about #homesafety.

$10K Gone in 90 Seconds? Nope.
Stop Crime with Object Detection

$10K Gone in 90 Seconds? Nope.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBO-1gTh_Jo Brazen smash-and-grab robberies are a continuous, growing, threat to all retail businesses. Coordinated criminal…

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