Problem: Cannabis Crimes Cause Multiple Layers of Damage 

  1. Reputation: Will customers shop if they don’t feel safe? Will employees work there if they don’t feel safe? No and no.
  2. Insurance: Claims raise rates. Also, did you read the fine print? If your insurance is really affordable, you might only be covered “during” business hours. 
  3. Quality of Life: How much time do you spend worrying about work, when you’re not at work? When was the last night you got a good nights sleep?
  4. Physical: Inventory was stolen. Locks were broken. Store was trashed. Display cases smashed. It adds up. 
  5. Pain: It all hurts. This is your dream. You’re heart and soul built this brand. You didn’t get this far, to get this far. 

Solution: Stop Cannabis Crime Before It Happens 

  1. Get a video monitoring device. Can be as simple and cheap as DYI camera installation or affordable professionally installed system.
  2. Make sure your cameras are positioned to capture entry points you might not think of including roof top. 
  3. Have someone monitoring your alerts. Camect can refer you to one of our partners or help you get set up on your own.
  4. Plug your Camect Smart Camera Hub into your camera system. This enables your camera to identify specific objects including trucks and people.
  5. Interact with your Camect system. If you want to see people within a perimeter and timeframe, tell the machine. The more you teach it the more it learns. 

Result: Improved Quality of Life

  1. Elevated Safety: 98% of monitored alerts are deterred without police involvement. 
  2. More Savings: No more bloated insurance premiums, hourly night guard fees & other added security expenses. 
  3. Less Stress: Only be notified IF you need to be. No more false alerts, no more random clips to watch. Focus on what you can control while we watch for crime.
  4. More Momentum: All the time not spent worrying or repairing can be spent on forward motion. Grow your business. We have your back!
  5. Higher Enjoyment: Make the last time you got woken up in the middle of the night for a non-emergency, the last time. Get better sleep and have better days while Camect keeps watch.
Camect Video Detection
Protect Employees, Customers, Inventory & Reputation with Camect Smart Hubs

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