Camect Pro Program

Resell Camect Hub and Service as a Pro Dealer

Unmatched Accuracy:

  • Fewer than 1% false alerts.
  • Detailed alerts for over 30 object types.

Designed for Pros:

  • Easy install.
  • Quick setup.
  • No firewall configuration.

Works with Any IP Camera:

  • Nest, Arlo and Wyze cloud cameras.
  • Compatible with Onvif and RSTP. Onvif cameras are auto-detected.
  • Reduce costs (up to $80 per camera) and allow continuous recording and smart detection.

Camect Pro Service

Own the Customer Relationship and Add Features

Additional Configuration Options:

  • Includes all features of Camect Go.
  • Advanced analytics including “long distance mode” (for detecting smaller objects, e.g. good for monitoring parking lots) and loitering detection.
  • Ability to turn off auto-suppression for frequently-occurring alerts.
  • Re-streaming of cameras, e.g. to integrate with other devices or services.

Customer Management Features:

  • Ability to manage of large number of units from the dashboard.
  • Pro-to-user handoff after installation … system remains locked to the installer, but installer loses access to alerts and video unless the user chooses to re-enable installer for help/troubleshooting.
  • Ability for pro to manage subscriptions or license codes for the customer.

Camect Pro Monitoring

Add Your Own Monitoring Center

Integrate with Monitoring Centers:

  • Includes all features of Camect Pro service.
  • Alerts are delivered directly to monitoring backend server from our device, w/o depending on our cloud.
  • Video clips sent to monitoring back end are optimized for easy operator response:
    • Higher resolution.
    • Cover a longer period of time.
    • Un-interesting regions are faded out.
  • If supported by the monitoring integration, may add:
    • Audio back to the site using output to headphone jack.
    • Ability for operator to quickly jump to live video after an alert without having to sign in.

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