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Camect consists of a Camect Home smart network video recorder device, and the optional Camect Go subscription service. You get:

easy setup

      1. Plug your supported cameras into the network and turn them on. Camect will find and configure them for you.
      2. Plug the Camect Home recorder into your network, power it on, and claim it at our web site.
      3. You’re done 🙂 . You may want to personalize your system a bit, e.g. assign names to your cameras if you have several of them.

With extra configuration effort, it’s also possible to use almost any unsupported camera that has a local video stream url.

easy access

  • Securely view your cameras anywhere on your phone or laptop.
  • No changes to your network firewall (aka “port forwarding”) are needed.

a modern user interface

  • Use any recent version of Google Chrome or Safari, on your laptop, desktop, or phone.
  • No plugins (which are often insecure) are needed for you to be able to view your video.
  • View all of your cameras in one place. Avoid having a separate app for every brand of camera.

your video stays under your control on your storage

  • Your video is recorded locally on the internal drive or on your NAS.
    • Video of interesting events can be copied to cloud storage (currently Google Drive or Youtube) if you wish.
  • View video securely over an encrypted connection.
    • Your Camect Home recorder connects directly to your viewing device (aka “Peer to Peer” or “P2P”).
    • No third parties have the opportunity to snoop on your unencrypted video.
  • If you want more video storage, just buy a USB drive and plug it in, or use a NAS device.
    • You probably won’t need to do this. The included disk is more than adequate for most homes.
  • Avoid the high monthly fees, and worries about who has access to your stored video, that may come with cloud storage.

smart alert recognition

  • Receive email with a short video clip if your cameras see something interesting.
  • Our deep learning model recognizes humans, vehicles, and small animals and eliminates spurious alerts from moving leaves or shadows.
  • Improve what you see by rating the alerts you get. The system learns your preferences.
  • Quickly find interesting events when viewing recorded video.

flexible sharing and access control

Grant access to anyone — but limit what they can do, and when. For example:

  • Share some cams with your neighbors to implement a real neighborhood watch.
  • Let the grandparents check in on your kids, but only during the day.
  • Allow your friends to check up on your home, but only while you are away.

low costs

Our goal was to build a system that’s affordable to everyone, and especially to make it affordable to own and operate several cameras.

  • Our network video recorder costs less than it would to buy the hardware alone in the USA without any software.
    • New: See the early adopter program page for current deeply discounted prices.
    • The internal 1TB drive will get you weeks or months of free video storage depending on the number of cameras you have and what they are observing.
  • Our optional subscription service is included free for your first two cameras.
    • Additional cameras cost $2/month or less … compare to $5-10/month for comparable services from other providers.
  • Our service works with many different cameras:
    • These cameras cost significantly less than cameras of closed proprietary systems like Nest or Arlo.
    • Many third party cameras provide better video quality or higher resolution than you’ll get from a closed system.
    • Mix and match cameras to get the best configuration for your home.
  • Our service uses much less of your internet upload bandwidth than popular closed systems. You don’t need to pay for a supersized broadband connection in order to have multiple cameras.

See the FAQ for up-to-date pricing.

Camect Home is a smart network video recorder that configures your cameras, records video continously, and identifies interesting activity you may want to review.

Camect Go adds internet-based features such as alert email notifications, remote viewing, and device sharing. It comes free for two cameras with every Camect Home.

Camect Home does not require Camect Go service and is fully functional as a smart network video recorder without it.

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