Redefine your security cameras


Know if a car turns into your driveway, but not every time one drives down the street. Know if a human runs across your lawn, but not when a squirrel does.


Continuous 24x7 recording, even if the 'net is down. Stay in full control of your video: It's not being sent to "the cloud" but you can view and share as easily as if it were.


No monthly fees for continuous recording, AI and privacy that work with any IP camera - so choose cheaper or better cameras.

Smart Alerts Show You What Happened

These are animated images from actual alerts. The Camect Home NVR detects several common moving objects.

Express interest in specific objects (e.g. person, car, USPS, FedEx), while ignoring others (e.g. bird, squirrel, skunk).

Camect learns from your feedback to give you what you want.

View Securely - And Privately - From Anywhere

Your Privacy Comes First

Popular cloud cameras have your unencrypted video available in their cloud in order to analyze it.
Camect keeps your video in your home, on your equipment, under your control.

Video is encrypted between your Camect Home recorder and your viewing device.

Camect establishes a direct connection from your Camect Home recorder to your phone, laptop, or desktop. No intermediary can view your video. Viewing works in Chrome, Safari and app.

Catch Up on What you Missed

Zip through time with a smart timelapse. Playback slows for detected objects so you get a chance to see them. 

Works with Many Cameras

  • Any IP Camera
  • Nest, Arlo and Wyze cloud cameras
  • Compatible with Onvif and RSTP. Onvif cameras are auto-detected. See our compatibility list for details
  • Reduce costs (up to $80 per camera) and allow continuous recording and smart detection
Camect Home Smart Camera Hub

Now Available in Our Store

The Camect Home advanced network video recorder provides 24×7 recording,  AI powered smart alerts, and stores camera data securely in your home.

I have to say your object recognition is one the best I have seen so far, and for that pricing its without alternatives, and I already worked with Briefcam, Anyvision etc.
I've got 15 nest cams running through it currently and its people alerts are seemingly very accurate so far. Their support through their forum is very responsive at this time too.
This is by far the most successful product that i ever purchased for my smart home system, I’m not exaggerating. Almost all IP cameras do not detect person so i always get a lot of false alarm everyday. With Camect my life is much much easier.
Victoria Wang
Indiegogo comments

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