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Camect is the global leader in security cameras intelligence. Serving the needs of retail, corporate, rural and urban business needs across all of North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

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Add Intelligence
Security Cameras

Upgrade Any IP Cameras

That's right. No more rip and replace. Camect is compatible with all RTSP or ONVIF technology. Save time and money using your existing cameras.

Get Smart Alerts

Detect over 30 kinds of object, from People, to Deliveries, Vehicles and Animals, with near 100% accuracy. You choose the exact alerts you want, based on cameras, objects detected and time of day, and get them delivered to you via mobile app notification, email, or Telegram messenger.

Stop False Alarms

False alarms are a big problem, costing businesses time and money, and causing headaches at monitoring centers.

At Camect, we've carefully developed our AI to ignore common causes of false alarms, such as bugs, cobwebs, rain and snow, without reducing AI sensitivity or accuracy.

Save Time with Smart VMS

Fast Video Search

Find the event you're looking for in seconds with event-based history and video search.

Timelapse Replay

See the events of a day in no time with just a click, using our event timelapse replay feature.

Stream Management

Camect minimises latency by using HLS stream management, providing low-res multi-feed view and high-res full-screen view.

Streamline Monitoring Operations

Cut Costs

Reduce the need to manually review video feeds.

Boost Income

Achieve quick ROI with Camect integration.

Optimise Service

Customers can also see alerts and help resolve alarms.

Monitoring Integrations

Smart Camera Hubs

Camect Smart Camera Hubs store and analyse all video locally, at the edge of the network - not in the cloud. This means your system will continue to detect if the internet goes down and won't clog your bandwidth. With local, expandable storage, you control where your data is kept and for how long.

Camect 24

Camect 24

For Security Professionals Only

1TB internal storage
15 watts typical power consumption
Intel 4GB RAM
Up to 24MP processing
Order Quantities Must Exceed 10 Units

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