Have you thought about getting security cameras at home, but worried about the technical details of setting them up?

Did you buy cameras only to find them hard to set up or hard to view when away from home?

Our founders, Arup Mukherjee and Chao Liu, are two ex-Googlers who bought cameras for home and were surprised by the hassles involved.

Either you buy an IP camera and spend a long time making it accessible outside your home, using hard-to-configure software that wasn’t intended for consumers — or you pay a lot to buy a cloud camera, share your video with a cloud provider you’d rather not trust, and find yourself locked to a particular brand when you’re ready to buy your second camera.

Either way, when you turn on your alerts, you probably find that they're not that useful.

We aim to make your cameras - and our own - Just Work.

Our system, Camect, works by understanding more about the scene than other cameras out there, and allows you to teach the system which alerts matter to you.

If our AI doesn't get it right for you out of the box, we'll also let you help to teach it to do better for your situation. No one else does that!

Our product is already very useful, and is getting better over time. We also have many other features that no one else offers.

In previous lives ...

Prior to starting on Camect, Arup led the development and operation of Google's web crawl (aka "Googlebot"), playing a major role in ensuring that your favorite search engine knows about the pages you want to find. Arup has always enjoyed projects that improve the lives of large numbers of users, and you can read more about his previous work on LinkedIn.

Chao worked on a number of important projects at Google. Some helped Google search to understand which pages from the web universe are most useful. Chao also had a stint in the Android world, working on Google's Project Fi. See LinkedIn for details.

As you may have guessed, Arup and Chao worked together for part of their time at Google, enjoyed the experience, and figured that they'd take a crack at building a new useful product that they had both been unable to buy.


We would be honored to have you be a part of our story!

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