Camect turns your cameras into the security system you’ve wished for.

Camect is a Silicon Valley company creating the simplest and most useful security solutions from ordinary camera installations in homes and businesses. At Camect, ex-Googlers, computer scientists, and security industry veterans work together to redefine the security camera experience.

Camect’s best-in-class AI understands objects that cameras see and raises alerts for only the interesting events — completely eliminating false alerts from bugs, animals, leaves, rain, shadows, etc. This technology is fully contained within affordable on-site hardware, and yet is significantly more accurate than more expensive products that rely on cloud-hosted analytics. A Camect security system will not eat up bandwidth, records continuously, and works even when the internet is down.

Camect brings these benefits to everyone through a unique user experience that requires minimal configuration. A system to monitor high value assets takes only minutes to configure, complete with accurate alert notifications delivered in real-time, universal secure remote access, a single way to integrate cameras of many different brands, and monitoring station integration.

Camect is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and currently has customers in over 30 countries.

Team Highlights:

Arup Mukherjee

CEO/ Co-Founder

Prior to starting on Camect, Arup led the development and operation of Google's web crawl (aka "Googlebot"), playing a major role in ensuring that your favorite search engine knows about the pages you want to find. Arup has always enjoyed projects that improve the lives of large numbers of users.

Chao Liu


Chao worked on a number of important projects at Google. Some helped Google search to understand which pages from the web universe are most useful. Chao also had a stint in the Android world, working on Google's Project Fi.

Ron Grubbs

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Background includes 30 years building and leading teams, programs and initiatives as a security integrator, wholesale distribution, working with OEM partners, and most recently access control innovation.

Dave Small

EMEA Sales Lead


George De Marco

Managing Partner, DECO Ventures LLC

Open Positions

Please see our open positions on LinkedIn. If you don’t see an exact fit, but are passionate about AI, computer vision, or video technologies and are interested in working at Camect please reach out to us .

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