Explosive Growth Attracts Top Talent to Camect

False alerts cost money and waste time, putting businesses and communities at risk. Camect adds features and hires top talent to end this exhaustive problem.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Camect, creator of the Smart Camera Hub, proven to reduce false video security alerts by nearly 100%, expands engineering, sales and operations teams in response to new partnerships and substantial customer growth. Costly, preventable, false alerts plague the security industry putting communities and businesses at risk. Over 97% of all security alerts are considered false. In cities across the country police response times have decreased in part due the high percentage of alarms deemed false. From an operator stand point, false alarms create real fatigue. This opens the possibility of a missed critical alert while diminishing employee engagement, the number one metric in performance excellence known to impact customer satisfaction. Camect recently secured integration partnerships with Immix, Cisco Meraki, and SureView. Industry partnerships are a central focus for Camect, having successfully integrated in 2022 with Netwatch, DMP and CHeKT, making it easier than ever for customers to add Camect to their existing camera suite

The Mountain View based start-up emerged in 2020, after spending four years pre-market, intelligence building, testing and training a superior AI solution to end false alerts. “Our goal is to make all security cameras useful,” says co-founder Arup Mukherjee. “We do this by eliminating the mass market problem of false alerts known to obscure critical, potentially life saving data.” In the last three years the company has earned loyal, worldwide endorsement from security dealers and central station customers. “Prior to Camect, the volume of false alarms was massive,” says one monitoring agent. “With Camect we have confidence our events are legit, giving us a greater chance to stop crime before it happens.”

Customers value Camect’s unrivaled detection accuracy and speedy response for feature requests. Recently analytic additions include loitering, line crossing, and vehicle arrival and departure detection. I/O boards are now supported and Camect has launched a joint product with DMP. To support ingenuity and innovation, four engineers have been added to the team led by co-Founder Chao Liu, former Google Computer Scientist.

As global sales climb across EMEA under leadership of Dave Small, and APAC led by Mario Ali, the company expands reach within construction, railways and urban development.

To ensure ease of deployment and customer management Camect recruited industry and military veteran Scott Harrington to lead Key Account management. “Camect offers a solution for the security industry to regain time and money, previously wasted on false alerts. I am thrilled to join this solution oriented team.” Harrington previously led sales at Evolon after managing Strategic Accounts for Immix/SureView. He lends his expertise to the Camect sales team led by Ron Grubbs, Senior VP of Sales and Business Development.

Additional key staff members include Rachel Joy Swardson, Marketing Director, Steve Lee Technical Lead, and Brad Kenning, Joe Buccaran and Erik Klockermann for Regional Sales and customer success.

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Our Customers Have Saved Millions of Dollars

Camect improves the efficacy and accuracy of Security Video Camera Alerts, while reducing volume.
We do this by adding intelligence to your existing security camera. Without Camect, a regular security camera is nothing but empty, electronic eyes with a memory. It can't tell the difference between a plant and a person. The camera simply detects motion, records it, then sends a clip. This clip must be reviewed by real human eyes to assess if it is a real threat, or well, just nothing. Fortunately it is usually nothing, but unfortunately that "nothing" costs time, attention and in some cases, sleep.

The founders of Camect created a better way to look only at something specific.
With a proactive approach to detection our intelligent software can detect, with over 99.5% accuracy, over 30 unique objects. Only the images you deem threatening, or interesting, are instantly transmitted. You will see the action in real time and can use an audio talk down, or siren to deter criminals. And yes, you got it! That means you are never bothered by things like bees buzzing or plants blowing in the wind. Your video is also stored on premises, not in a cloud. This offers you more security by reducing the risk of a privacy breach.

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