Announcing: CHeKT Integration with Camect

Camect and CheKT Announce Integrated Partnership to Prevent Crime with Instant Object Detection within the Security Monitoring Station 

Palo Alto, CA: Camect, INC, the leading provider of AI powered object detection analytics for security cameras, and security monitoring leader CheKT, announced today the availability of  integrated services to streamline both detection and prevention. 

The direct connection between Camect superior object detection analytics, well recognized for eliminating costly nuisance alerts, and the highly affordable security monitoring services from CHeKT allows dealers to instantly elevate critical security risks to people and places, in one strong service platform. This coupling couldn’t have happened at a more critical time.

Binding Camect detection with CHeKT monitoring instantly reduces the critical time it used to take for human eyes to assess and respond to perceived danger. Because the Camect system almost completely eliminates irritating and costly alerts such as debris blowing or the inconsequential passing of animals, the artificial intelligence software of Camect makes it faster, simpler and more effective for security monitoring agents to recognize danger, and stop a crime before it even happens. Customers of CHeKT can bundle their existing account services to include Camect object detection. 

Rising rates of catalytic converter theft, near billions of dollars stolen from construction sites, and increase of violent crimes shows no sign of slowing down. Civil dangers are exacerbated by staffing deficits across nearly every industry, including alarm dealers. Less people on staff leaves fewer people to watch over goods and services. Now more than ever an extra set of smart eyes is imperative to private and public safety. 

“Innovation is the backbone of Camect. Partnering with security monitoring leader CHeKT allows their alarm dealers to work more efficiently and cost effectively. The team at CHeKT have been great partners in integrating our Camect AI solution with their bridge. It is the first in a series of growth steps we are thrilled to be taking with CHeKT.” Says Ron Grubbs, VP of Sales for Camect.

David Erickson, Director of Operations for CHeKT says “A lot of companies claim to offer detection analytics, but we haven’t found anyone who does it better, or more affordably, than Camect. This offers a huge competitive advantage to our dealers.”

This integration was led by the Camect sales and marketing team including Ron Grubbs and Rachel Swardson in partnership with CHeKT sales and marketing leadership from David Erickson and Mark Donohue. 


Our Customers Have Saved Millions of Dollars

Camect keeps our communities safer by preventing crime.
We do this by adding intelligence to your existing security camera. Without Camect, a regular security camera is nothing but empty, electronic eyes with a memory. It can't tell the difference between a plant and a person. The camera simply detects motion, records it, then sends a clip. This clip must be reviewed by real human eyes to assess if it is a real threat, or well, just nothing. Fortunately it is usually nothing, but unfortunately that "nothing" costs time, attention and in some cases, sleep.

The founders of Camect created a better way to look only at something specific.
With a proactive approach to detection our intelligent software can detect, with over 99.5% accuracy, over 30 unique objects. Only the images you deem threatening, or interesting, are instantly transmitted. You will see the action in real time and can use an audio talk down, or siren to deter criminals. And yes, you got it! That means you are never bothered by things like bees buzzing or plants blowing in the wind. Your video is also stored on premises, not in a cloud. This offers you more security by reducing the risk of a privacy breach.

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