Get Up to $4,000 with Security Rebate!

Start seeing crime differently. Too often security alerts transmit video clips that do nothing but waste your time. Do you really need to see another bug flying? Yet, you can’t avoid checking the alert because what if it this time it was a criminal... We all know someone who has been directly impacted by costly crime. The City of Sacramento is committed to help offset the cost of your security system and Camect is here to help you save more money, and add some time back to your day.

“We want to keep everyone safe, employees, customers and our communities. This is an important collaboration and we are really proud to offer a security rebate to off set the cost of safety to business owners.” Said Sargent Matthew Young of the Sacramento Police Department. 

See Crime Differently with a Camect Smart Security Hub

Security cameras simply record whatever passes by. Trouble is, that usually ends up being dumb stuff like bugs flying or plants blowing around. None-the-less human eyes, like yours, end up reviewing transmitted video clips of "motion" just in case it happens to be a criminal. This is because a camera alone can’t tell the difference between a roof rat and a human being. Until now.Camect has changed the way you see crime.If the camera acts as eyes and recording as the memory, think of CAMECT as the brain. Camect enables the lens of your existing security camera to understand what it sees. Because of this Camect will only alert you if you need to know. Easy to install Smart Camera Hubs instantly identify, with 99.5% accuracy, over 30 specific objects. This includes everything from delivery trucks, to people, rodents and more. Only when a threatening or desirable object is detected does an alert transmit so your real, human eyes can assess. You save money* and make time by not wasting precious resources watching alerts that don't matter.
Camect has helped business customers saved millions of dollars by preventing crime, vandalism, injury and theft from happening. The City of Sacramento can help you get Camect and other security technology at a discounted cost*.  Please contact Camect directly for pricing.


  1. Contact Camect for Complimentary Consultation   
  2. Purchase Camect Smart Hub
  3. Install Camect Smart Hub
  4. Download Sacramento Police Security REBATE form HERE*
  5. Submit Rebate form to Sacramento Police Department

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*Camect does not guarantee reimbursement. All reimbursement conditions are subject to City of Sacramento security rebate program. Please see program specific details for more information. Find information about Camect at Camect.com

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