$10K Gone in 90 Seconds? Nope.

Brazen smash-and-grab robberies are a continuous, growing, threat to all retail businesses. Coordinated criminal attacks, known as ORC or organized retail crimes, are up 69% in 2021 alone. Business owners suffer immense loss and run the risk of  permanent and costly reputation damage. Will customers feel safe shopping there? Will employees want to work there? Will the business be able to afford insurance after an attack?

Camect believes safely preventing the crime from ever happening is the best way to protect our communities. And our customers agree. Security Central Protection CEO David Dooda helped his pharmacy customer avoid thousands of dollars in damages by using Camect object detecton. “That roll gate our the front door alone is very expensive, plus the metal and glass door, not to mention the inventory they planned to steal. I’d say a minimum of $10,000 in damage could have happened in under 90 seconds. Camect instantly alerted us, allowing us to interrupt the crime before it ever happened.” says Dooda. 

We can’t make people stop attempting crimes, but our detection can help disrupt them before they happen to you. See for yourself in this episode of #CaughtOnCamect



Our Customers Have Saved Millions of Dollars

Camect keeps our communities safer by preventing crime.
We do this by adding intelligence to your existing security camera. Without Camect, a regular security camera is nothing but empty, electronic eyes with a memory. It can't tell the difference between a plant and a person. The camera simply detects motion, records it, then sends a clip. This clip must be reviewed by real human eyes to assess if it is a real threat, or well, just nothing. Fortunately it is usually nothing, but unfortunately that "nothing" costs time, attention and in some cases, sleep.

The founders of Camect created a better way to look only at something specific.
With a proactive approach to detection our intelligent software can detect, with over 99.5% accuracy, over 30 unique objects. Only the images you deem threatening, or interesting, are instantly transmitted. You will see the action in real time and can use an audio talk down, or siren to deter criminals. And yes, you got it! That means you are never bothered by things like bees buzzing or plants blowing in the wind. Your video is also stored on premises, not in a cloud. This offers you more security by reducing the risk of a privacy breach.

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