Camect Master Class: Home Automation with ISY

Interested in turning on a light to turn on if a person is walking a dog in front of your house? What about if there is a bear lurking outside? Or maybe you want a sound alert if employees are leaving your building and should be walking together (versus alone)? What if you wanted a light to turn on, a gate to lock, or sprinkler to turn on if something or someone is detected with Camect? The possibilities are endless when you integrate Camect alerts with a home automation platform.

Camect can be integrated other devices in your home to help you automate activities. In this Master Class you can learn how to integrate Camect with a popular home automation platform called ISY. ISY is a home automation controller that can connect many devices and enable them to communicate with each other. The class shows how to set up a Universal Devices Polisy Node Server and use ISY to program automation with Camect. The automation shown in this class includes a few examples including detecting a dog walking in front of a house, a person and a dog walking together, or a bear walking and turning a light a certain color.

For the examples in this class all you need is a Camect Smart Camera Hub with security cameras, Universal Devices ISY, and if you would like to integrate with lights you can try the Phillips Hue.

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