Camect Taps Security Industry Veteran Ron Grubbs to Lead Global Sales – Security Systems News

Camect’s global footprint has grown to over 30 countries by partnering with wholesale distributors, security integrators, and monitoring services. These partners rely on Camect for highly accurate on-site analytics, customizable video monitoring integration, and top rated support. To continue to support this growth Camect has appointed industry veteran, Ron Grubbs, to head global sales and business development. Ron Grubbs brings decades of leadership experience to Camect’s sales organization. His background includes over 30 years of partnering with integrators to implement secure solutions for residential and commercial customers. This direct experience with security integrations will enable the continued growth of Camect’s professional dealer program . Additionally, Ron has a track record of partnering with wholesale distributors which will also add value to Camect’s distribution network.

Our worldwide growth is a testament to our engineering team’s innovation and the strong partnerships we have developed with the security industry. We are excited to have Ron join the team to continue to help support our partners and fuel our global growth.

 Arup Mukherjee Camect Co-founder


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