Camect and Immix Announce Partnership to Integrate Video Monitoring with Real Time AI Generated Alerts

Many professional monitoring services are using the Camect smart camera hub now to maximize detection accuracy and reduce bandwidth costs. Camect is onsite hardware that uses advanced AI technology to provide detailed alerts in real-time. Camect’s AI detects over 30 types of objects including people, vehicles, deliveries, and even animals. Camect is known for highly accurate alerts and for virtually eliminating false alerts from bugs, animals, leaves, rain, or shadows. This accuracy is critical for video monitoring operations where security professionals must review all video surveillance alerts and determine which events present security risks. Eliminating false alerts from objects that are not risks allows the monitoring operators to focus and respond rapidly to real threats. 

Camect also has been shown to reduce internet bandwidth usage by up to 90% since it processes the video onsite and transfers only optimized video alert clips to a monitoring operation as opposed to sending unfiltered video to a cloud server. Camect’s accurate AI processing combined with a monitoring station’s active response provide a much higher level of protection for businesses and homes.

Many monitoring stations also use Immix software to improve their central station’s ability to respond to security events. Immix software works with many security products and is now integrated with Camect smart camera hubs. The integration provides a new cost-effective option for professional  surveillance monitoring services that use Immix to increase their accuracy and response rate for sites that have deployed Camect. Per Camect’s co-founder Arup,

“As we rapidly deployed Camect in over 30 countries, we continued to get feedback from professional security integrators that their central monitoring stations could benefit from the accurate real-time alerts that Camect generates. Immix software is a great partner as their monitoring software is widely available and popular across the geographies in which we operate.”

The Camect Immix integration provides direct alerts to the Immix dashboard where operators can view a full list of detections and the types of objects detected. Operators can also select alerts to view the recorded video footage or access the live cameras. Martin Finder, sales director from Immix commented on the partnership:

“Camect is great to work with and we look forward to seeing many Camect systems connected to the Immix platform over the coming months and years.”

The combination of Camect’s AI and Immix software has already been shown to improve security incident response times and accuracy with monitoring services worldwide. You can learn more about how to configure Immix to integrate AI alerts and Camect  here. Monitoring stations can also inquire about surveillance monitoring integration here


About Camect 
Camect unifies security cameras, delivers actionable information in real-time, and eliminates false alarms with a universal secure remote access and an easy-to-configure application. Camect is a Silicon Valley company created by former Google computer scientists working alongside security industry veterans to reimagine and redefine the security camera experience. Camect is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and currently has customers in over 30 countries.

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