Setup Camect to Integrate with Immix Security Monitoring Software

Immix software is used at monitoring centers to efficiently manage security events. Camect can now be integrated with Immix software to get real time alerts sent to the Immix dashboard. Here are a few steps to get set up:

1) Apply to Camect Pro program and install Camect at one or more sites

2) Contact us to upgrade your account to Camect Pro Monitoring to be able to integrate with Immix

3) Configure your Camect hubs with Immix

  • Configure site to allow Immix to access Camect
  • Add Camect site into Immix. This configured the Camect cameras in Immix, and you can view them live after this step.
  • Complete the configuration on the Camect side to send the alerts to Immix. 

4) Your Camect alerts will then be sent to your Immix account

If your Camect is sending alerts, they will show up in the immix dashboard as seen here:

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