Pro Spotlight: Electroguard Prevents Crime with Camect AI and Proactive Monitoring
Electroguard Active Monitoring

Electroguard, a top video monitoring service based in Texas, is stepping up its effort to accelerate response time for its live video monitoring service. Live video monitoring has become critical for businesses that need protection from burglary, theft, and other security risks. Many business do not have the resources to hire full time guards to constantly monitor cameras. Electroguard solves this by providing “virtual security guards” using a combination of onsite cameras and video monitoring. They operate a monitoring center that can analyze thousands of camera video feeds constantly. They also design camera systems that use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze motion and then using the monitoring center to escalate if action is needed. Camect camera hubs are one of the tools that Electroguard uses to efficiently analyze the video feeds to rule out false alerts from events that are relevant. Camect can be deployed on a site near the cameras and uses AI to process the camera video in real time. Camect hubs provide alerts of relevant objects such as people or vehicles, and it ignores objects such as moving trees, insects or weather that can limit the effectiveness of video monitoring. The AI from Camect combined with Electroguard’s advanced monitoring centers provides the “virtual security guard” that business need to protect their property.

Electroguard’s goal is to detect threats immediately with AI and use their monitoring operations to prevent crimes from happening. Recently in Austin Texas, Electroguard’s systems was put to the test. A mail theft suspect was able to steal mail from homes and evade authorities. However, the suspect eventually invaded a mailbox room at an apartment complex that was protected by Electroguard’s active monitoring and Camect’s AI. The early detection and quick response from Electroguard’s monitoring system allowed law enforcement authorities to capture the suspect as seen in this video:

The use of AI and advanced video monitoring can drastically increase the response rate to security events and in some cases enable the capturing of suspects while the crime is in progress. Electroguard’s years of system design and active monitoring combined with Camect’s powerful AI have accelerated the response rate and is able to protect businesses much more effectively.

You can learn more about Electroguard here.

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