Camect’s Artificial Intelligence is Becoming the First Line of Defence for Portable Solar and Battery Powered Security Systems
Portable Solar Powered Security System

Traditionally, security surveillance with closed-circuit television (CCTV) or IP camera systems have been deployed in commercial and residential buildings or city infrastructure, where there is ready access to power and internet connectivity. However, demand for surveillance has increased at unmanned infrastructure installations which are often in remote locations that don’t have utility power or a direct internet source. Locations such as cell towers, farms, or utility infrastructure need monitoring to prevent trespassing or dangerous scenarios. Similarly, construction sites, industrial refineries, and even large parking lots in retail or city infrastructure may require surveillance in the face of limited power and internet availability.

Remote location surveillance often utilizes battery or solar power. Camect has high reliability, a small footprint and a peak 15W power draw, allowing it to operate for long periods of time on battery or solar. This combination allows security integrators to deploy hundreds of systems in a surveillance network without correspondingly high maintenance demands.

Camect processes and stores video locally and uses best-in-class AI to identify events of interest. By eliminating the transmission of irrelevant video, Camect drastically reduces cellular bandwidth usage and costs. Using Camect, CTR Secure Services, a physical security operations center based in the UK, was able to reduce their bandwidth requirements per installation from 9GB to 1GB per month. Across hundreds or thousands of systems, the savings on cellular data alone make a big difference to the cost of a security monitoring operation.

As Camect smart camera hubs operate independently of each other, storing and processing video on-device, they also avoid the possibility of a sudden fleet-wide surveillance outage that can occur when a cloud-based analytics service fails. Camect smart camera hubs distributed over a fleet of installations have no similar single point of failure that can produce an outage large enough to overwhelm a typical monitoring center.

Camect has also been shown to be significantly more accurate than camera cloud based analytic systems. Ashley Cardno, technical director at Red CCTV, has been using Camect camera hubs since early 2020 and shared how they utilize Camect for their remote surveillance systems,

We use Camect as our first line of defence utilising of object detection, built in analytics within our camera and recording devices aren’t accurate enough for us to rely on them and on testing produced lots of unwanted alarms, Camect gives us accurate alarms with few to no unwanted alarms, in fact we haven’t as of yet had an unwanted alarm from a camect. We always go for very low light cameras, ones that will produce colour images where light is very limited, by using these cameras it means we aren’t wasting power on IR lights. We configure the camects to focus on regions of interest and draw detection areas within our field of view to be notified of any alarms in those areas. In some cases we also have alerts for persons entering unauthorised areas , maybe for health and safety risk etc we have our towers relay alerts to notify that they are entering restricted areas. By having accurate object classification it means we can offer some element of site safety awareness when required and not just being used for site security.

Ashley Cardno, technical director at Red CCTV

As Red CCTV and other surveillance services have implemented Camect at remote locations, Camect has continued to optimize for the needs of these locations. Per Arup Mukherjee, co-founder at Camect,

We have implemented many features that enable professionals monitoring remote sites to optimize their operations – including monitoring center integrations, customizable sensitivity settings, and a dashboard from which to view and manage deployed devices. We also provide direct support to ensure these deployments proceed quickly and efficiently.

Arup Mukherjee, co-founder at Camect

Remote site surveillance services and professional integrators can apply for Camect’s pro dealer program which is now available in US, Canada, Australia, and many European countries. The program provides an easy way for remote location monitoring and surveillance services to get access to professional features and integrate monitoring.

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