Pro Spotlight: Interview with Red CCTV Based in UK

There are many Pros using Camect around the globe to develop remote location surveillance systems that run on battery or solar. Camect has been optimized for remote surveillance systems:

– Camect drastically reduces the use of remote system cellular bandwidth use by avoiding the need to transfer any video other than video of important events. Some professional integrators have reported up to a 90% reduction in cellular bandwidth which can reduce costs significantly.

– For remote surveillance systems supported by video monitoring, false alarms can be costly and make it more difficult to catch real security threats. Camect’s high accuracy enables it to eliminate almost all false alerts.

– A centralized cloud based system can be vulnerable. If the cloud goes down you get a flood of unfiltered alerts, eliminating the ability to find the important ones. Camect reduces this risk by distributing the video processing at the edge of the network and eliminating the central point of failure.  

We had a chance to interview Ashley Carndo from Red CCTV to understand more about their remote site deployment and how they use Camect. Red CCTV ,based in the UK, uses a range of unique systems such as High Definition and thermal cameras with low voltage, hybrid, fuel cell green power.]

– Can you tell us about your company?

Red CCTV ( Red Security Solutions Ltd) we are a national security company who provide both temporary and fixed site security solutions. We specialise in temporary site security solutions where we look to partner with the best of breed solution in the market to give us the most efficient and reliable solution available. We have various products for many different applications where site security is needed and each pose a different challenge, we have elevated tower solutions which are rapid deployable and are able to run remotely via their own battery supply, we also have smaller permitter detection units which also run on their own battery source and can be left for months out on the field.

We build and manufacture all our own solutions in house and have been first to market with many technology solutions, I believe we were possibly the first to use camect in a tower solution back in march 2020.

– How does your company support remote surveillance sites? 

We have partnered with a leading monitoring station to monitor our alarms that come from protected sites, we work closely with our monitoring station to ensure all alarms and events are raised and handled accordingly. We regularly take new technology to our monitoring partner for them to work on to receive alarms, we have done a lot of work with our partner on camect to make sure we are getting the best performance out of the product.

– What types of locations need remote surveillance? Are there new areas of demand?

We have a varying requirement for remote surveillance, from utility companies wanting the most remote sites protecting which have their own challenges with power and lighting etc, we need to ensure the products we have chosen are able to work in such environments and provide accurate events as they happen, then from that we can be on busy sites in built up areas such as the rail sector where we may be working on compounds to oversee materials and plant that could be at risk from potential theft. The demands and applications are constantly growing, by choosing a reliable solution it makes our lives a lot easier, knowing that the products we have chosen will not let us down when out in the field.

– What are challenges with building and operating remote surveillance sites?

There are many challenges when working on protecting remote sites, the main one being power, we have to be mindful of all products we use and how they will impact our power when installed on a remote site where we maybe using renewable energy to keep our systems live. We have spent years in developing the towers to ensure we get the best performance without sacrificing on quality of product. We also have battles with lighting, some sites which are very remote can have little to no light pollution, so we try to use the best cameras which can work down to the lowest light levels partnered with the best analytics which can give the most accurate alarms in very trying conditions, Camect has been stand out performer in both these challenges.

– What are some improvements needed to increase efficiency of remote surveillance?

I would say power is the main improvement, many remote sites are only really needing 4 cameras so a smaller lower power consumption device which can comfortably cater for 4 cameras at 1080p would be a game changer, Camects we use have so much more capability in terms of camera input yet we are only really using it for 4 cameras, if smaller scaled down versions could be developed which are suited for towers with low power consumption.

– How is Camect used for these sites? What type of cameras do you typically use? Do you configure camect with certain settings or focus on types of objects?

We use Camect as our first line of defence utilising of object detection, built in analytics within our camera and recording devices aren’t accurate enough for us to rely on them and on testing produced lots of unwanted alarms, Camect gives us accurate alarms with few to no unwanted alarms, in fact we haven’t as of yet had an unwanted alarm from a camect. We always go for very low light cameras, ones that will produce colour images where light is very limited, by using these cameras it means we aren’t wasting power on IR lights. We configure the camects to focus on regions of interest and draw detection areas within our field of view to be notified of any alarms in those areas. In some cases we also have alerts for persons entering unauthorized areas , maybe for health and safety risk etc we have our towers relay alerts to notify that they are entering restricted areas. By having accurate object classification it means we can offer some element of site safety awareness when required and not just being used for site security.

If you would like to learn more about Red CCTV systems please visit their site or contact them directly at info@redcctv.co.uk.

To learn more about Camect and the Camect Pro Dealer program please visit camect.com/pro .

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