Camect’s AI Detects A Child in Danger

We often share Camect’s use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) helping to detect and mitigate criminal activity. However, Camect detects a wide range of object types (over 30 and counting) including deliveries, animals, vehicles, and people. Its helpful to know if a person that you do not know is outside your home or business. But sometimes it can help to know where loved ones or children are. Recently, a parent shared a Camect detection where their autistic child was climbing on a rooftop in a very dangerous situation.

Camect AI Detects a Child in Danger

The child was moments away from possibly falling off the roof and getting injured. Camect detected the child with the security camera outside the home and the parent was able to respond quickly help save the child from falling.

When Camect is monitoring security cameras, it can provide more than an alarm for trespassers or criminal activity. Camect’s AI with its wide range of detection for many object types can also provide a much better general awareness for what is happening around your home or business. It can also be helpful to know when someone you know arrives home, leaves, or when a child or significant other is in danger.

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