Preventing A Criminal Break-In with Camect AI and Active Deterrence

Small businesses can often be a target for break-ins and theft. Camect can provide a first level alert by monitoring a location and using AI to detect people, vehicles, or many more types of objects. Camect’s alerts are reported as some of the most accurate available and they need to be to ensure that criminial activity is identified to provide enough time to respond. Many professional installers are now combining Camect’s intelligent alerts with active deterrence. Active deterrence is a security feature were audio and/or flashing lights are used to deter the potential crim. In this case the suspects approach an automotive and truck dealership in Detroit Michigan.

Santoro Auto and Truck Attempted Break-In

One suspects watches, while another suspect tries to cut open the chainlink fence. While this was happening Choice Virtual Guard was watching. Not from the parking lot, but miles away at a remote monitoring center operation.

Choice monitors many cameras, but this camera was connected to a Camect Smart Camera Hub. Camect detected [person] and noticed it was the two men attempting to cut the fence and break in to the auto dealership. Then Choice acted fast. They had already installed audio speakers to the security system and were able to warn the suspects..

After three cuts of the fence, the loudspeaker blared.”YOU ARE TRESPASSING, PLEASE LEAVE THE AREA”. The suspects left.

This is a prime example of how active deterrence, remote monitoring, and Camect AI can be used to not just warn of a crime, but prevent one from happening.

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