Choice Virtual Guard Deploys Camect AI with Active Deterrence to Help Michigan Businesses Fight Crime

Small businesses are often on the front line in dealing with crime. Almost all commercial and small businesses face crime threats including trespassing, theft, and vandalism. According to the FBI over 30% of US burglaries occur in businesses, and these business are often attacked when they are closed or not attended. Some of the top types of businesses that are burglarized include storage facilities, specialty stores, restaurants, construction sites, and parking lots. To protect these businesses, many professional security integrators are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) platforms paired with cameras to provide alerts and warn business owners of the threats. Choice Virtual Guard Service is taking it a step further by deploying active deterrence security systems. Their systems monitor cameras with AI to detect intruders. If an intruder is detected the systems use strobe lights and loud 2-way audio to warn subjects that enter property.

Choice Video Guard Active Deterannce Surveillance System

Choice Virtual Guard Service has been using Camect’s AI to analyze security cameras now at many commercial business sites. Although Camect can detect over 30 types of objects, at these sites Camect smart camera hubs are primarily focused on detecting people and vehicles. Camect’s AI is trained to determine the difference between a person versus movement that can cause false alarms (wind, trees, bugs, ect). The accuracy of Camect is improved over time with custom settings and user feedback. Per Vincent Choice:

Ignore the lights, ignore the cars going by, immediately notify me when a human steps foot on the scene. You wouldn’t dare point another video analytic camera towards traffic,you’d be getting false alarms all night. Not with Camect

Vincent Choice – Choice Video Guard Service

At one of Choice Virtual Guard Service’s initial installations, an active deterrence system with Camect was installed in an auto dealership parking lot. At this lot, moving vehicle alerts were configured identify if there is a vehicle theft or vehicle trespassing on the lot. You can see Camect detecting a vehicle without false detections in this video demonstration.

Camect Detecting Vehicle in Auto Dealership Lot

2Way Audio, Active Deterrence Systems, Active Video Monitoring, And Powerful AI provide us with accurate alerts, All together alerts our Command Center of intruders, allowing for authorities to be notified of the incident. [Choice Video Guard] video monitoring service additionally stores these recordings in both our Control Center and within the individual units, meaning that upon request, the Control Center is able to complete a full data review, pinpointing and delivering the incident for legal or internal purposes. Most camera systems provide generic ‘motion detected’ notifications or false alerts for trees, insects, and weather. Camect provides a completely new experience with AI (artificial intelligence) generated detailed and accurate alerts.

Vincent Choice – Choice Video Guard Service

Catalytic converter thefts are a rising new threat facing businesses today. In 2021, these thefts have skyrocketed to over 2000 per month. Choice Virtual Guard Service aims to eliminate vehicle and catalytic converter thefts with their active deterrence systems powered by Camect. In this video demonstration you can see Camect detect a person on the auto dealership parking lot. If this person is an active threat then the Choice Virtual Guard Service warns the business owners and activates the loudspeaker audio.

Camect Detecting Person in Auto Dealership Lot

As security systems such as Camect continue to improve AI to identify and alert for threats, the active deterrence that Choice Virtual Guard Service provides an immediate response on the scene. This can immediately deter and prevent the crime without requiring intervention from law enforcement.

About Camect

Camect unifies security cameras, delivers actionable information in real-time, and eliminates irritating notifications with a universal secure remote access and an easy-to-configure application. Camect is a Silicon Valley company created by former Google computer scientists working alongside security industry veterans to reimagine and redefine the security camera experience. Camect is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and currently has customers in over 30 countries.

About Choice Virtual Guard Service

Choice Virtual Guard Service is a family-owned Michigan based company focused on providing real-time live video monitoring to businesses and residents of Michigan at affordable prices. They provide proactive security solutions to customers by using trained security personnel to monitor the cameras in ‘real’ time.  

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