Installing a Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Camera with Camect Smart Camera Hub

Motorized Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras allow you to change the camera position remotely. This video shows a PTZ camera integrated with Camect for intelligent alerts. A Camect smart camera hub uses AI to provide intelligent alerts and also continuously store video locally. Camect works with hundreds of cameras which means you can use more advanced camera features such as 4k, more accurate night vision, and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom).

The motorized pan, tilt, and zoom allows you to modify the camera’s position remotely.  You can move the camera to a better position depending on the activity that you would like to focus on. Some PTZ cameras also support auto-tracking that will follow the movement of people and keep them centered in the frame.

In the PTZ camera installation video, a PTZ camera is connected to Camect Smart Camera Hub and then detects a person. In this case it is able to detect a person with just the feet showing behind a tree. You can see the bounding box in green.

Camect Person Detection with a PTZ camera

As the person moves into the camera frame the camera then locks in and uses the motorized PTZ to follow the person around the yard. Camect’s AI initially detects a person and then the PTZ camera is able to follow the person within the full camera frame. This provides additional security for detected intruders or trespassers.

Camect person detection with a PTZ camera

Camect AI is designed for stationary cameras — you are not guaranteed to get great alerts if your camera moves automatically to track a subject, but in this case it worked great.

You can also control the pan and tilt directly from the Camect application. When Camect detects a PTZ camera, arrows are displayed to allow you to adjust camera.

Adding this PTZ camera adds a lot more flexibility to my security system. You can move the camera into position or take advantage of the auto tracking feature to really focus on people detections. 

If you have any feedback or would like to learn more about Camect’s camera compatibility let us know.

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