8 Examples of High Accuracy for Surveillance

Computer vision, or giving computers the ability to ‘see’, has been an academic focus for many years. Computers can be trained using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand objects in images as some shapes can be similar or difficult to decipher. AI is widely used in many contexts today, but for Camect AI means building intelligence that can understand objects from surveillance cameras and continually learn to achieve high accuracy. Its important for Camect AI to recognize objects such as people, vehicles, deliveries, and animals. However, many of these objects may be difficult to recognize. They could be hidden behind trees, in dark areas, or obscured by weather. For cameras in wide open areas recognizing objects at long distances can also be challenging. Here are some recent challenging environments that demonstrate Camect’s computer vision accuracy:

1. Detecting a person in heavy rain

2. Detecting a van in heavy rain

3. Detecting a person at a very long distance

4. Detecting a person hidden behind foliage

5. Detecting multiple objects at distance

6. Detecting a person through trees

7. Detecting a person with an explosion nearby

8. Detecting a person with moving balloons

The ability to detect objects at distance, in tough weather, dark evironments, or inclement weather is not easy for a computer. Camect has been developed and trained for many years with our users providing valuable feedback that continually improves Camect’s computer vision accuracy. If you would like to share any of your experiences with Camect accuracy please contact us at hello@camect.com.

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