Camect Analytics Add to the Power of RE:SURE’s Advanced Security Monitoring Center

AI (artificial intelligence) analytics are increasingly being adopted to identify important events captured in the massive amount of video data generated by security cameras. RE:SURE, a state of the art monitoring center based in Northern Ireland and serving the UK and Ireland markets, has deployed Camect’s powerful smart camera hub to many of their CCTV remote monitoring sites to address this need. Camect’s smart camera hubs analyze video in real time to detect and label moving objects including people, vehicles, and deliveries. RE:SURE’s 24-7 monitoring center, combined with Camect’s analytics, provides more accurate and responsive security monitoring for their clients’ homes and businesses.

RE:SURE, established in 2007, has developed a top tier monitoring service that focuses on proactive protection of end user properties. Their security operation center constantly reviews video data across their clients homes and businesses to look for activity by humans or vehicles that could represent a security risk. RE:SURE’s highly skilled experts divide up areas of interest and use Camect’s customizable object detection to maximize the protection and provide immediate notification of safety incidents. 

The image below is an example of a prowler detected by Camect at a site monitored by RE:SURE’s alarm center. The Camect detection immediately alerted the RE:SURE Control Center staff, who promptly issued an audio challenge to the intruder on the property, scaring him into fleeing before having the chance to do any real damage. RE:SURE was able to notify the client within seconds, ensuring a physical response was also immediate.

Prowler Detected By Camect through RE:SURE Monitoring Center – Ireland

RE:SURE have been working in video analytics for almost a decade, always staying on top of the newest technology in order to act as a trusted advisor to all of their install partners located across the UK and Ireland. MD John MacMahon says: 

Rather than being a traditional ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), we decided years ago to get a lot more proactive in terms of advising our install partners which systems work. All too often, distributors would say “yes, of course our system can accurately detect a person/vehicle”. Of course, more often than not this was not the case, and everyone suffers as a result. 

Usually, the ARC staff becomes overwhelmed with false activations, cameras have to be suspended, and in essence the whole system breaks down as there ends up being blind spots everywhere. Even worse than that is the system wouldn’t detect at all. So we decided to find out for ourselves, as ultimately we are the ones that suffer the most day in, day out with bad systems. We have consequently been following this space very closely and watching it evolve over the last decade, seeing how the likes of Video IQ (now Avigilon) led the way, along with the likes of Davantis, Adpro and Bosch. 

However Camect is a different level. We have been blown away by its performance – we are getting crisp, accurate alerts into the Control Centre and none of the old environmental false alerts. It’s exactly what we were waiting to appear on the market and the set up time from a technical perspective is also a massive advantage -it’s as close to plug and play as you can get. As we convince more and more installers to use this product, we are also convinced it’s going to have a significant impact on how well we can deliver our service, with operators knowing an alert from a Camect site is going to be real.

Camect has an established track record of eliminating false alerts from objects that are not security risks (e.g. wind, rain, and bugs) and accurately detecting objects that do represent risks. Per Camect’s founder Arup Mukherjee:

“Supporting efficient monitoring center operations is a priority for Camect, and ties well with our focus on providing the most accurate video alerts in the market. The diligence that goes into RE:SURE’s premier monitoring service has made them an excellent partner for Camect. RE:SURE have long recognized the value that excellent and practical analytics provide, so they quickly recognized that Camect alerts allow them to hone in on activity that presents the highest risk to their clients. Combining Camect analytics with RE:SURE’s state of the art control center and top tier customer service brings a new level of protection to their customers.”

Camect and RE:SURE aim to continue to deploy analytics in the UK and Northern Ireland to speed up response time and ensure that clients and monitoring centers focus on the alerts that really matter. To learn more about RE:SURE and Camect please visit the following links.

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