Using Camect AI for Crime Prevention and Monitoring

Camect’s AI and object detection is rock solid for detecting over 30 types of objects, but it’s also being used for more accurate crime monitoring including theft, vandalism, robbery, and trespassing. RE:SURE, a top tier security monitoring operation based in UK and Norther Ireland, has been using Camect for active security response and crime prevention. There have been many cases where Camect smart camera hubs have been used to detect and mitigate security incidents. This post shares some of the recent security incidents.

First, it’s common for ‘porch pirates’ or package thieves to follow delivery vehicles. They may follow in cars or even bicycles and pick up packages along the route. Here is an example of possible package delivery theft that was first captured by Camect then investigated by RE:SURE’s security monitoring operation.

Many business deploy security cameras to deter and monitor theft. Camect cameras can be configured to detect people or vehicles that could then be monitored and responded to. In this example a person was detected on a business site and the team at RE:SURE quickly responded to a potential theft of a pallet.

Pallet Theft Business Lot Captured by Camect

Trespassers can also present a security risk. Businesses and homes can use Camect to actively monitor their property and catch trespassers. Here are two incidents where potential trespassers were identified and responded to by the RE:SURE team

Kids Trespassing Detected by Camect
Possible Trespassing on a Rooftop Detected by Camect

Camect also learns from these types of detections. The more incidents that Camect detects and learns from helps prevent future crimes. If you have any examples with your Camect please reach out to us at hello @ camect.com.

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