“Alexa, play ‘person’ alerts from camera ‘Front Door'” – Camect Smart Camera Hub now works with Amazon Alexa Devices – MarketWatch

In 2019, Camect launched Camect Home, which works with most security cameras and uses artificial intelligence to provide highly informative alerts in real-time. Camect’s industry-leading AI detects over 30 types of objects from security cameras and eliminates false alerts from sources such as bugs, animals, leaves, rain, shadows, etc. Camect can currently detect people, deliveries (DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS, Royal Mail), animals (deer, bears, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, dogs, cats, birds, mice), and vehicles (cars, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, buses). Camect also continuously records, stores and analyzes security camera video locally. This preserves customer privacy, uses very little internet bandwidth, and allows for reliable operation even during internet outages. Camect is already accessible on phones, computers, and tablets. Adding Amazon Alexa devices ( Echo Show, Spot, and FireTV) to the Camect home security system adds the hands-free convenience of being able to check on cameras and alerts by simply talking to a device located nearby.

For over 100 million users, Amazon Alexa personal voice assistants help with tasks such as checking the weather, playing music, or performing internet searches. With the Camect Home skill on Alexa users can ask Alexa  to show live video or prior recordings from a Camect connected camera and can also request recent alerts by type. For example, alerts showing deer or people detections on a particular day can be reviewed on Alexa device display screens. The supported Alexa commands allow Camect users to conveniently understand events on their security systems without having to unlock a phone and open an app to review notifications. 

The Camect Home Alexa skill is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Additional skills and wider availability are expected as Camect Home continues to grow globally. 

About Camect

Camect unifies security cameras, delivers actionable information in real-time, and eliminates irritating notifications with a universal secure remote access and an easy-to-configure application. Camect is a Silicon Valley company created by former Google computer scientists working alongside security industry veterans to reimagine and redefine the security camera experience. Camect is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and currently has customers in over 30 countries. 


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