Camect NVR Tested by Professional Security Installer Magazine

PSI is a top technical magazine in the UK for installers, specifiers and designers of electronic security and fire solutions. Here PSI reviews the Camect Home advanced network video recorder highlighting detection capability (including low light conditions).

Detection of activity begins very quickly with subjects being identified with on-screen notifications such as “Car” and “Bicycle, Person” in the case of a cyclist. Even in very low light conditions the system was capable of identifying people and vehicles in spite of low-light motion blur. With input from the user the system can be fine-tuned to improve performance or to be selective in alert generation. An at-home mode allows the alerts to be restricted when on the premises. An iOS or Android app (left) is available that can be configured to set and unset the at-home status when connected to the home or business Wi-Fi. 

PSI Magazine

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